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sexta-feira, 7 de julho de 2017

Making the Goetia Circle (classic style with greek names)

Goetia Circle

Making the Goetia Circle
(classic style with greek names)

Times ago these images was posted at Aaron Leitch's Solomonic group may be of interest to people, so I will comment a bit more about the process.

Making your magic tools is always an interesting work not only because the magic area you chose.
Each area have many to study and learn.

In no ways magic is just to learn phrases and words by mind, but you need to understand what is the purpose, why it is done and for what it is needed.

Citing a Rufus Opus comment, when you are doing the Work, this means you have to work too!

And all work you do will add power to your magic works.

Be sure all spirits, angels, daemons, etc. will know if you did your part too.
So always is good to remember: the magician must do his/her part too and not act like a parrot. 

Even if you are not skilled for such craft works, whatever you do, with a sincere intent, at your best capabilities will add a lot of power to any magic you do.

We too often comment how much is important to be respectful with the spirits, and the same way such spirits have to be respectful with you!

So, to do your homework is the first part of any magic works.

I commented about the skills we have or not.
Be sure I have really bad hands for craft works.
Even so, some I find better to do by myself as I can.

I'm not the only with bad hand skills, nor with the proper needed capabilities to some activites, like metal works and jewerly some people have.
For such cases, it's Ok to pay someone to make that for you. Here, is your sincere work to get the needed money and to go after the best one you can pay to make that tools for you.

A serious sincere work add respect and power to what you do. Even if you need to pay with the most sincere but humble resource for that. In no way I told you to stop feeding yourself nor your family for that. Just do what you really can at best, but no masochism is needed!

Well, watching by myself my results when I do some hand works may be a kind of masochism too... Ok, I have self-criticism... I'm kidding. In practice is a work of love.

Well, I know my craft workings are not so nice, nor so perfect. But be sure I used the most I can, tryed the most I can and most of times, I worked a lot more than other people needed to get something.
Time is power too.
That was the same when I made my Triangle of Art. That costed a lot of times jsut for the basics.

Going to work

So here my working to make my Goetia circle and wish inspire more people to do the hard way needed to get the deserved results..

First I researched about the names in the circle, their meanings, related texts, psalms, etc. There are some differences so I had to study more and found my own decision about.

I researched the books and articles from other magicians and advanced forums like the StudioArcanis, currently we found to be the best at the area.

This was many years ago, took some six months and I discovered many authors unknown in my country, find other works and articles at so many blogs too. Very interesting when you ask to your spiritual guides to help the work and each day find more and more to read, study and learn from other's experiences.

I collected a lot of material that time studying this and that ideas plus observing who was the ones behind that and how they was working with that. This is important to observe, as some people will find better to make their practices this or that way so one need to think for himself for the decisions to do. In no way such are final decisions, as we always can learn and change something as our works goes on.

This included going after some original grimoires sources to observe what they did and compare with modern studies too.

Ms Sloane 2731 - Clavicula Solomonis Goetia Circle
Ms Sloane 2731 - Clavicula Solomonis Goetia Circle
Source: BritishLibrary Manuscript collection

Finally, observing my own idea to go most at the original sources, I found better to my purposes the same J.Peterson published at Esotericarchives - The Lesser Key of Solomon (Lemegeton).

I love scholar's work such this site, one of first and still the best IMHO. I always say to people I'm more about practical work. I have to study all that for sure, just I have not all the patience they have to compile all that to make their work. It's a serious needed task and they deserve my full respect.

That time I was already doing some basic Goetia works, with very interesting and positive results.
To cite, the method used was the one most people know as the "Red Triangle" by Devi Spring and former based in the original Aghor Pir's work. It sure works and is really very interesting. It uses the daemolanators Enn's chants. Just in my point of view, it's not the same as a former ritual and it does not have all the resources for protection for initial contacts with unknown daemons for you, nor about intrusive spirits as that ones appears sometimes.

So I wanted more in the same way as I always did in all my previous works like the spiritual areas and that resulted to experiences that really few in the world have done. 
Anyone who is after the modern works like Aaron Leitch, Rufus Opus, Brother Moloch and others will have lots of excelent material to study from their former practices, not just theory. I say, solid teachings from people who paid the price for their learnings and know very well what they are talking about.
Nobody learns alone, the nature already is a great teacher, but this way can take a long time. So you can learn from people who went serious into their work, not just for sel-promoting, listen, read, study all you can so this will add to your personal findings and discoveries.

Where are the materials?

Since I found was the time to make a former circle, at the same time I was researching the proper words and symbols, I went after the most simple part: The simple fabric cotton I found to be better to use. 
Guess what? I live in a city with more than 1.5 million people. For many months no store had brute cotton fabric to sell!
Curious, uhm? That happens when the spirits put you under test too. If you want, you may work for it. So I went at many stores, at all places. Until someday I found it again. Just for curious, at same time all other stores had the material I needed too.
This is not a punishment in no way as many religions use to claim and this way make people to feel guilty even because they have sex with their wife or husband.
No way! Just happens!
But when such happens you may know to use such event for your own power. So as soon I perceived something was blocking, I went to each try reciting my prayers, talking with the spirits I found better to help about and making clear my intent.
All this added power to the final result. So remember: all your effort will be part of the final deserved result.

To find proper fabric inks was not so difficult, but I had to learn and research a bit more about how to use it too.


As the previous house I was had a lesser room, I needed to adjust the circle size, so I made it small, just 1.4m (4.5ft).

The day I finally started the hand work part, it had first a former prayer evoking God and all spiritual guidance for it.

For all following days, as part of the works, during all painting process I always started with lighting a candle and prayer for God, asking the blessing for the work being done.
This took an entire month. I told I'm very bad at hand works, so it was slow, and I have my own pain in back troubles to deal too. Most people will do it in 1-2 weeks.

The fabric was washed and all the paints I used was consecrated.
 The first was to have an idea about where and how to place the symbols. So I printed that to observe over the fabric and made initials notes.

My Goetia Circle - Checking symbols positions

Ok, learned how to fix the fabric in the ground and to use a string to make the circle using a proper fabric pen to draw the circle:

My Goetia Circle - Starting the draw

The next was near easy, I had to choose a characters size and drawn by hand. Here just free hand, so the result was some tremble, but Ok.

My Goetia Circle - Writing words

Following until complete it:

My Goetia Circle - Initial draft ready to paint

Then I fixed it at the wood wall to make easier to paint. You will note I had some mistakes and needed to use white paint to correct it.

My Goetia Circle - Painting process

And the final result:

My Goetia Circle - Finished

When it was finished, I kept it for some days more at the wall, waching for some other paint errors I was not aware, and always asking the blessings of God to the work done. And I liked just to be looking at it and thinking.

As I commented at start, not that kind of so very nice artcraft, but a work of mine and this is also a true offering to present to the spirits I'm working with.

After that, I did the consecration of the circle. There are the names of God, angels, etc, so each one have a proper psalm and meaning to recite. Used oil over it for a proper blessing ritual and only then it was used the first time.

My Goetia Circle and Triangle of Art

The circle is not the 9ft former size, but is Ok. The works done with it helped me to be at a new house with the needed space, so when I can I can I will do a new 9ft size.

Yes, I used some colors by my own. Not just classic and not Mathers scheme.
It's a personal circle, so I did some choices for my own purposes. Uhm?

Work done and be sure, a serious stronger difference at the rituals and the ways I got results and replies from all spirits I have been working.

Sources I used to make this version:
Ms Sloane 2731 – Clavicula Solomonis – British Library Manuscript collection
Ms Sloane 3648 – Clavicle of Solomon – British Library Manuscript collection
The Lesser Key of Solomon (Lemegeton) – Joseph Peterson at Esotericarchives.com
Modern Goetic Grimoire – Rufus Opus

See also:
Goetia Triangle of Art And The Time To Do The Work


Goetia Circles for Sale:

The Goetia Circle is a full high-res drawn I made as as a result of my own work with the Goetia for years.
Just click the image to go direct to the produtc page.

Classic Goetia Circle. Full redraw.

Goetia Circle - Mathers and Crowley version. Full redraw and corrected


domingo, 25 de junho de 2017

Receiving Oracle Skills by Initiation.

Be sure giving the Key is not a physical act only.
Photo: Unknown author.

Receiving Oracle Skills by Initiation.


How become instantly good with oracles due some occult supernatural ways. 

Learning a more complex oracle, like the Tarot, Runes, I-Ching, etc. is something that demand study, practice, research in other related areas according with the oracle being studies, etc.

Just to make simple comment, I'm using more the Tarot as an example. 
The first most people learn is a general meaning to each card, rune and some basic spreads to place the cards and have some kind of reply. Most of people don't do much more and only expect to be using their own natural intuition for that.
Even if the person have a gift of birth like vidence, this does not add so much. All they have are ideas or visions and will deal accordingly their life experience only to understand what they see.
So the next needed is to start a more former study about each card, not only the basic meanings, but some of the idea each card express and how it is related to the others. Is here people start to understand more about the real way the oracle works. This will add a lot to understand the ideas and how intuition may help too, and to get more complex understanding and relations amog

The following, is learning about the inner symbols of the cards, planets, astrological signs, numbers, elemental correspondences and so on.
This is just about technical aspects.
The other to develop is the own intuition capabilities, learn more about other areas to understand more about people, society, etc.
So this is a wide area to study for sure.

There's the possibility to increase that throught initiations. To access other levels and discover more areas and this way improve the reading capability.
For sure this is not something like "instant learning" nor "instant vidence" capabilities. 

Many see initiation just as a rite to get a diploma, many may think this is an instant miracle way for new super-powers.

Initiation at basic levels, is just to become in contact with some kind of knowledge.
This is the human level.

But at the higher spiritual levels, the initiation is a process to receive a kind of key.

You must see the idea of "key" just as something that may connect you to something.

Like opening a door to you.
BUT, see, the door just is opened, you still need to enter by your legs and learn what is behind that point.

Get this? Is not an instant capability.

You will just receive the key, or a connection to a resource at the other realms.
If you was working to prepare for it, for sure you will see results faster, but again, this is why you already have done all the previous needed work.

So you will enter there, entire new realms and possibilities and see by yourself to learn.
Some will have a lot to learn, others will be ready for that.
Anyways, they was in the merit to receive it despite how much practice.
Yes, even without so much practice some people may have the needed merit, just need more hard practice that often happens very fast.

I may give to someone an intiation to an oracle or something else, but still there are the need to work with it, practice and study. Before and after.

This is why some people may receive such initiation and have a jump on their skills: they was just working and was ready to receive a better resource.

And no, no, no, do not even think to ask for that. This is not something to buy too.
Yes, too often some people try and they received only what they deserved... Sorry...
You can buy a diploma, but never the merit or real skills.

I may give such initiations by my own to the ones who deserved the merit. Never to the ones who asked. They was just fooled by themselves.
I give such initiations sometimes, when the disciple/student is really ready.
Some have tryed to be "opportunists" and received just a fake key pointing into their own darkness. Betrayers! They even received a "mystic name" from me. To these ones,, as they are vampires out of light, such names was just what they never had done and what they have to discover to deserve what they asked for. A bill for life at most.
I'm looking at both sides, Uhm?

Remember the phrase: "When te disciple is ready the master comes"?
Is this.
You can't ask for it.
It may happens to you someday if you keep walking and do your own homework.

And this can happens in two basic ways:
1) Meeting someone who will give the keys and will be an incredible experience.
2) Astral initiation. Uhm something like at someday or night, you receive a vision, or the sky opens up and you see a big flame or spirit/angel and they will give it to you.
Yes, it really happens this way, I had some and will be only yours as you keep the work.

Some formal Orders do a nice work to give the keys to the ready ones . But even there you must do the work.
So, study, practice, take notes, improve yourself. Sometime when you are ready that will happens.



Reading for Yourself. How Ensure Objectivity in Personal Readings? Some notes.

Mirror Gazing. As an oracle too, what you see?
Unkonow photo author.

Someone questioned: I sometimes find it difficult to be objective when we do personal readings. So, my question is: how do you ensure objectivity in personal readings? I usually write it down in the third person as if I were speaking to someone else. Other methods?

My Reply:

At any oracle, Tarot, Runes, etc. a reading to someone else or just for yourself must be objective. 

Think on Meditation and Therapy.

Yes. something I found to be needed is therapy.

So is needed to be as most as possible like a third person, even about yourself. 

Meditation will lead into yourself. And what you will find there? Ego, traumas, a lot of personal problems and even from past lives to deal with.

Well, you can become a hero and deal with all that alone.

But there are a lot of methods that help to learn faster and will help to deal and even cleanup all that mess.

A good therapy is a very valuable resource.

Many schools use that and yes, many cases are well resolved with psychologists.
Ok, have some patience with the psychologists too.  :rofl

Once I got a female psychologist, and I commented to her some of my occult background. The result was funny: she had a real strong fear from me. She always used to keep at the opposite side of the room and each time she gave a reply, she used to say something like "I ask permission to all your degrees to suggest that... blah-blah-blah...". At third meeting she was presenting me some texts and books about the "crazy ones genious in history" and suggesting to introduce psychotropic drugs...  LOL...

So I moved to another one, and just presented what I was in need to work, but no information about occult works. The guy did a fantastic specific work in just [b]two [/b]one hour meetings. Dot.

There are a lot of alternative therapies. As a sannyasin, I did a lot and my Master Osho told just this about, the need of cleaning, improving yourself and to save a lot of time.

Just to note, at the alternative therapies area, there are a lot of formal practices like the ancient Ayurvedic medicine, acupunture, Gurdjeff, etc, etc., that at many western countries still are not formally recognized, even with thousands years of practice.
And there are many workshops to work on specific areas of life, some last 2-3 days and even more, when people usually goes to some place and stay there doing an immersion to work that. For sure, the results vary a lot for each one accordingly your concioussness level and what you are working with.

Most of times, the good workshops with formal trained therapists do more in few days than you will get instead of working alone for a long time. Some of that workshops may be at easy levels while others may present workings where you will be really and deep faced with the possibility of dealing with deeper points.
In my specific case, I missed the opportunity to go to Poona in India while Osho was alive for the stupidest reason: a marriage and accepting due the wrong reasons the opinion of my ex-wife. Ok, I paid to learn that. But I never gave up and continued.
I learned that our personal development is above anything. No one will compensate for your work of self-evolution, just yourself.
I remember Osho used to say that when it comes to your own evolution, your personal work of consciousness, you must be selfish. No one will do it for you, only yourself. Ok, you can try to sell your soul, and lack the evolution.  LOL...
This is that always helped a lot to keep my faith, despite all the problems and even at the most difficult times.
So I continued and I had the opportunity to be at a Ashran with my Master in the Andes mountains, an entire month each year for many times in the 90s, and that was an immersive experience of workshops one after other in the mountain and the woods. Each workshopt was 2-3 days of extreme experiences. The ones who was easy got nice results. Yes, always there are a lot of people who are just mystics and so easy. Others who went deep, have meet big results. What about learn to run in the woods, having to climb a mountain running, blindfolded and with instructors actually chasing you and really hard beating you with wood sticks? I say really serious spanking. No masochism, that guys was really great. Think about to run like that in the middle of large bushes full of thorns that hurts a lot. Yes, we did that at very risk places like ravins and pits. Add to this all the spiritual part. And in my case, the contact with spirits I started many times before. If you had read some of Castaneda works, is this I'm talking. Near same kind of teaching. That school had some very related works and this means, no choice to error. Glad we never had see even a broken leg even with all extreme risk. Only many scrapes and cuts on the skin. One teaching I have for myself was if choose to give up facing the problems may hurt more in the rest of your life. I learned to run where there was no way.
Before someone ask, I fully give thanks to the teachings I experienced and did by myself, but the schools become something very soft later, the instructors I knew have gone and today it appears more like a nice SPA resort for rich people after spiritual tourism.  Still a nice place to visit and some of the current soft works can be interesting to who is not after a fashion life style.

When you take the Tarot for you, remember this is about having some better understanding about yourself.

This is what you will find in a personal reading. You.

Are you ready to look to yourself?

Something I disagree with others is about consider all posible card interpretations. As an oracle reader, you must develop your vision and have just one interpretation to each case.
For sure, this take time to learn, with practice and study.

But what is the right answer? Usually the first idea you get in your mind. Not what you get one second later.
You must be able to get the first impression, like a "flash" of light. That is the reply when working with any oracle.

But you is the one who have to accept what you see.

And trust me, by personal experience, this can be painfull sometimes, just because what the oracle sometime will point is not what you want.

To give an idea as an example too:
A practice I did in the past, is a shamanic method of self healing.
In this case, to heal your eyes if you use glasses.
I use it.
The practice is simple: think the source of the eyes health problems is just because you does not want to see something, nor accept something. In resume, our eyes troubles most often cames due our mind refuse to accept what is seen. This is the general idea.
So you have to compromise yourself and say: "I accept to see and I want to see all I don't want to see".
It's a daily practice. I removed my glasses more and more until I was for many months without wearing glasses.
BUT, see, I started to see a lot I was not wanting to see.
This means, you will see the world, the people, your life, any aspects.

And I became to suffer with that.
I already commented about not being masochist in another posts during personal healing practices nor at any therapy.
Well, after many months I was seeing too much about everything. My senses and visions about people and anything extended to a level I was really unaware to deal. I found a lot more behind all that I was not seeing. Most that was not important to solve nor desirable.
So I stopped with it. And yes, I'm kept fully aware from all that if needed.

Well, the Dalai Lama wear glasses, uhm?

Ok, this is one idea. You may use the oracle and ask to see.
This is why is a very good idea always to do a prayer and invoke a specific angel/spirit/deity to work with you on the reading.
This way you are not only on your knowledge as they will talk with you, develop your intuition.

But you have to ask to see and work to be able to accept what you see, no matters how much you dislike it.

Be sure my human part really hate many readings I do for myself.
One more reason sometimes I ask to others to do a reading for me, even beginners.
My human part need a check, no matters how good I know to be on my oracles and all the feedback I receive, still is my human part, and our mind can cheat us.

The lust for results.

This is one very important aspect about "personal readings": lust for results.

A good reply is when the oracle point a "no way" result.
Ok, you must be able to accept the reply and what is shown. Or be stupid to follow even when the oracle show a problem if you continue.

But there is something that can drive any one into nuts.

So, as I remember for now, there are at least two replies we may get from the oracle that we really dislike:
"Not yet".
"Wait. Things are going to change".

That is a shit!
And why?

You are doing all you can, using all teachings you received while working to change or make something happens.
And you deep need or want that to happens.

Here, the only I have to say is: have patience.

Oh shit!!!!

But sometimes is very hard to have patience when all kind of troubles are knocking at your door.
Or you are working for a long time to get something.

There's something to do?
Yes. One thing I learned is to be humble and talk to others who are on the path. The people who you know are already doing the work.
Remember, you are not alone.

May be some day you will be so high you will be be alone in the highest mountain.
And guess what? You won't be alone if you remember you can talk with the trees, the birds, the mountain himself.
They will talk with you too, just learn to listen.

Birds like to do gossip. This is what they are doing at the trees in the morning and at the eventide.
One more reason I have a place with food to the birds in my garden. They comment about everything they see in the town.
Pay attention to them. Is a way to learn their language.

But anyways, we are humans. I'm not so leveled up to just let any worry.

I survived to many hard events. But I'm human.
Glad I had people to talk with.
And always my full thanks to all who have helped, that is really priceless and never will be forgotten.

So to resume about your personal readings: work to cleanup your life history, develop your intuition, be ready to listen and as possible, get the first message and have a second view from someone else to compare with your results.
This will add power to your readings for other people too as you discover the best is to be clear with them about yourself.
If  you are clear, no masks, you will be objective and people will discover you is a normal person too. I have the same problems most people have, at all areas, be sure. I just had a lot of experiences that become part of my practices and learning and I can share this without fear.
Discovering yourself is part of becoming true.

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