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Store - For Sale - Itens a Venda

Store - For Sale
Itens a Venda

I have some itens you may find interesting with a very reasonable price.

This helps to continue my work.

Just click at the images or go to www.redbubble.com/people/gilbertopb/shop

Note: The magic tools is a work for serious users. So, please, do not ask me for spells, rituals or how to use this work.

Books of Moses

The two Circles to work with the 6th and 7th Books of Moses at high-res redrawn and some minor adjusts at names positions. See the Wall Tapestry version for bigger sizes.

 Seals and Planetay Spirits

Seven Great Princes Circle


The Goetia Circle is a full high-res drawn I made based on the sources bellow as as a result of my own work with the Goetia for years.

Sources I used to make this version:
Ms Sloane 2731 – Clavicula Solomonis – British Library Manuscript collection
Ms Sloane 3648 – Clavicle of Solomon – British Library Manuscript collection
The Lesser Key of Solomon (Lemegeton) – Joseph Peterson at Esotericarchives.com
Modern Goetic Grimoire – Rufus Opus

Goetia Circle

Humble Version of the Goetia Triangle: 

I made a more simple available in printed format at Scarf (fabric) and Wall Art versions, but fully working ones, just consecrate it.
There are two versions:

Update: Discount at the circles prices.
Hey, I was really unaware about this Redbubble offer: 
If you get two circles (same or different) as scarves , you get 25% off the price! Enjoy! 
That discount is for the scarves type only. 

Please, confirm is the discount message is still active with this message near the price: 
This is a Redbubble discount, so I don't know how long it will be available.

Also there are some T-shirts I did. See more models at the site.
Planetary spheres

E-book  (portuguese text)

(This is another link for Amazon):
Chegando no Amor 
A book about Love.

Readings and Magic Works - English text

Consultas e Trabalhos em Magia - Portuguese text


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