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Readings and Magic Works

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Readings and Magic Works

Some of you know me as Gilbertopb at StudioArcanis and other forums.

Edited: Testimonials from clients and other magists.

Guidance and Magic Works

The readings are by email and my texts tend to be very long. The result will be sent to you in PDF format that can be read from any device.

Sample of the resulting reading in PDF. For sure the numer of pages vary a lot. Click the image for more examples.
Some people asked how is the result, so I collected some readings to show as examples.  CLick here to see some examples of my readings - portuguese text, use the translate button)

My job is for counseling because I myself had so many times needed guidance and not just simple guessing and have found that it is so often difficult to find someone who offers more than simply reciting symbols or presenting "cheap tips". 
People so often need to evaluate options, study ways forward or their own personal life may need guidance.
There are many areas, spiritual doubts, relationships, business, desired or unexpected life changes. Which way to go? Which options are better or what can be behind each one? These are just some of the ones we deal with. 
So I work to present suggestions and teachings, results of personal experiences in the personal, spiritual and professional area and thus, seeking to help in the evolution of people and always looking at the far horizon of their lives. 

What I do is not that common cartomancy or divination that you can find anywhere.
Consultations with me are first for the development and the knowledge of oneself and not only to answer questions. So that you have a broader view of what is going on, seek ideas for your path or learning and personal evolution. 

Often people come here asking for a magic ritual as if it were an item from a list of cake recipes, when in practice all they need is just a change about their point of view and look around. Certainly, some cases are really for serious works in magic. Some seem easy, others can be very difficult and others require a long continuous work on the matter. So to evaluate as much as possible, first I try to point out what is going on and what are the possible outcomes in the many areas I have experience.

I have a long experience of decades in meditation, magic and the occult and I can do readings and work on ritual magic to any place in the world. 

My approach is Universalist and I believe a prosperous life is natural.

I do two types of readings and my texts use to be really very long:

  1.  The Standard Tarot/Oracle reading. I comment the oracle parts, so it's more objective but more focused on the practical aspects and is where I will be exploring more in details your concerns and also, sometimes suggest things you can do by yourself or to learn in life. 
  2. The  Tarot/Oracle reading commenting Numerology aspects. This is a self-knowledge reading. So I will first comment your birthday numerology aspects, who you are and how that works as a map to your life. The second part is the readings, plus I will be pointing what aspects of your personal numbers are acting there and why. It's a long size work and unique to each case. If there are future consultations with me I will make references to it and even add more by myself, so you will pay only once for this unless it is a totally new situation to analyze of course.

What you will get in the Tarot part: 

I'm not limited to fixed pattern readings. Each case is different.
I always work with spiritual guides, so I evoke angels and other spirits that are related to what I will be doing to also present their opinions.

My readings have only one fixed part: The wide view. This is the most important part of the reading and is when I look to you and then I will talk to the person who you are, your soul, using my own vision and experience in the spiritual area for decades.

This is a one card only plus my personal vision that show what is happening at your life and what you need to know. This part can become really big sometimes. You will find more about in the article Extreme Tarot Readings and Some of The Art Behind It.

This is the card that rules all following readings I may do. To be clear, from this first card, I will follow as needed to explore the aspects shown.

There are many ways to do this, like using some traditional spreads going to free-form reading.
Some are to explore an event, development of a situation, aspects of relationship, unseen aspects, etc.

For a first reading and the annual readings people like to do, I may also do a general life view for the next months in the main areas, love, spirituality, health, work/money.

Warning: If I am evaluating cases to magic works, I can limit exclusively to this, but still making an assessment of your life first of all.

After all at this part I reply to specific questions if presented and as usual, all that is related to the aspects pointed at the first wide view card.

What you will get with the Numerology part: 

This is a view from your birth date. Who you are and what is you are going to do in life and how.
As I explore it using also my inner vision this is a study about who you are and the resources you have for this life and the ways you may use your resources in life.
Here's a part I use to add more information for your life aspects and for each case as possible, I use my experience in many areas to present information and even some practices proper to some cases.
This part is a study for you entire life and add a lot about the way you feel the world and how you are affected by the events happening.
With a Tarot reading, I will also be commenting during the next parts of the reading, what numbers are related to that areas and why, so I can cite how to deal with that as possible.
And in future Standard readings I will be able to make references to this part if you have already done it since the year 2010 (I have this archived) so you will pay only once for this.
Note: I have expanded and changed several things in the study of natal numerology since that time. If you did the numerology BEFORE 2010, in this case consider asking for a more updated version.


If you need guidance for your practical studies in magic, think about this as a normal consultation and in this case the consultation will be exclusively for the requested subject and limited the amount of information equivalent to what I can present in a normal personal conversation. 

Angelic Candle Service

This service is to light a 7-day candle oiled and consacrated to the angel I find better for your case.
It will be light at my altar with a pray to the angels for your need.
This is proper when you need a prayer to empower some area.

Works in Magick

The works I do with magic are under my sole discretion, after a formal reading for evaluation of your case. 

I added an option for works with magick without a reading. See bellow for information.

I'm not making judgments about you. If you want to ask for things like binding, revenge, destruction, sex, prosperity, etc. that's not my problem.
But I need to know what's really going on before I get involved in the situation.

And especially, it is not always necessary to use magic. Often the person has a fixed idea or suggestion of others and can not imagine that there are simpler alternatives. So the person will save money.

I repeat: The use of magic is not always necessary.
So many people are slow to understand when I say a formal reading is required so I can know the situation, position myself and present guidance about.
It so happens that people are often even influenced by others and do not realize that there can be better, simpler, and much lower value options.
Of course, if magic is really necessary, it will still be a work that needs to be planned and studied on a case-by-case basis, so it is not possible to have fixed prices in advance because it would not be fair.

More than just commenting about a possible magic work, I will evaluate why such a situation occurred, present guidelines, etc. Often people seek treatment only for the symptoms but forget to work with the causes.

There are many cases where the person himself can do some things for himself, and in that case I will cite in the consultation. 

The areas I work are related to my practical experience in life. In a general view Sorcery, Ceremonial magic, Grimoires area (Solomonic), Planetary and Angel magic, Books of Moses, Goetia, Witchcraft, etc.
Normally I do several rituals according to the situation that will be presented and this may also require activities of the person himself, for example, in cases of personal relationships, love, company, etc. which will be explained.
All magic activities are evaluated one by one

Alternative Magic with Angels or Dæmons without a Reading

Ask the magick ritual you want.

This option was included because of so many who do not want to pay a formal reading.

To explain, the purpose of the reading is for guidance and suggest the best options. Too often the person does not need magic. The spells suggested by the reading will always be cheaper because I will know exactly what I need to deal with.

But this is not the case, if person does not want the reading and thinks to knows what is needed.

So it's your problem.

Understand that in this case I will actually charge much more for the operation than I would in the case of a formal reading, because this will be done blindly and will be done at your own risk. Certainly I need to beware of factors that may harm me because unfortunately what we observe is that often when the person does not want to pay consultation, in fact already did a lot of spells out there, further increasing their problem or even is at war against someone (and try to get us into the trouble). So you're really trying to throw a big problem on our backs, and we're certainly not going to let it happen because it will remain your own problem.

If it is what you want, ask for this option specifying the name of the spirit you wish to work and make your request that should be as clear and short as possible.

I repeat: the choice will be yours, I will not make any guidance or suggestion because that is the purpose of a formal reading. So do not send me a message asking for suggestions.

For these cases I will not make any evaluation or verification if this is suitable for you.

So of course the only guarantee and responsibility I have is to perform the ritual correctly.

For this unique situation, I will do the ritual in the same week adjusting the best day and planetary time. After a month after I will do a Tarot reading exclusively for specific monitoring. This is the only additional contact that is part of the service.

Any other call via email or email will be charged as a formal reading. Do not insist!

Contact for Readings and Works

Just note I will add more information so I will try to present the whole scenario as possible.

This is the information needed to start changing your life

Gilberto Strapazon
Sw. Prabuddha

They say "God writes straight with crooked lines".
But who says that must be ugly?

 Photo: Lars Van de Goor
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