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domingo, 26 de março de 2017

How Long Maybe a Tarot Reading?

Amazing Climatic Changes.....
Photo by: Teresa - Portugal

How Long Maybe a Tarot Reading?

"When you are after replies to your doubts, or exploring the misteries to get more knowledge there's not such thing as so big or so small.

All that matters when you got what you needed and not just what you wanted at start."

I got a new record in a tarot reading: 26 pages of text.
Often I add pictures of the cards I’m reading, but this time my camera was broken. And was not a case to copy the same cards images from somewhere else as I did when the client will be able to get more ideas or information from the images.
This was just a Standard type reading, without commenting the numerology related aspects that would add a lot more. Even so, at some part I did a minor citation about in case the person may want to learn more about himself.
Usually I try to be at 10 pages range in a standard reading. Some resulted at 15-18 pages and was a lot until now in my way of working.

Road To Paradise
Digital Art Photo by Nikola Petreski - Macedonia

Each person is different.

This case was even something simple when I took the initial One Main card. I have an option for such reading. The problem become when I start to comment that and explore in detail the aspects.
The matter was even a normal life question, but the client was on need to understand more the aspects, and this is what I’m working for, not just a reply, but add information to the client understand and be able to walk by himself.
This is why I say my work is first for guidance.
Even when the reading is for explore about some work on magic, I have to explain why and what I’m think is possible to do. There’s things people can do by themselves while at other times, I found is correct to explain what is I’m suggesting to work and why and how that will be related for going after for a result.
Just to remember, nobody can assure guarantee results in magic and this is clear stated and explained at the “Readings and workings” page.
Would be easy to me just say… “oh yes, this is so and so and I suggest this or that”.
But no.

See, I’m working alone. This is not a live talking to ask questions or get more information. I’m just working with my own vision plus the Tarot or any other oracle I found suitable to someone anywhere in the world. The same way I need to trust on my guts I found needed to explain what I’m seeing the better way.
And I can’t got quiet when I’m talking with a client, or as usuall, I’m just writing to someone really far away (99,99% most of my clients live far and at other countries). So as my main work is guidance and I’m seeing there’s information the person does not get by himself or have a need to learn more about what I’m talking.
By learning, I say I will try to teach and suggest personal aspects to observe and how to deal with that, areas to explore and study in life. A reason any magic work is under my discretion.

Another simple reason, is my work is not cheap, so I’m not just adding words to make the proposal to be “nice”, but because there’s the need to understand a bit more about what we do and why some works goes easy from hundreds to many thousand dollars value. Such works are not just golden pills to use and when suggested, some may result even in a long working time from myself and even risks evolved, for example, if someone ask me to enter in a kind of war due some reason in their interest this may result in some kind of backfire I have to be prepared to deal. And some works means just years, in a step by step practice.

A 26 pages Tarot reading.That may happens.
So the size of a reading is to present the best I can, and also because I don't bill just for some specific ritual, but for a goal for each one suggested. Sometimes a ritual will lead to another, may need to be repeated for a time, add more others, etc. Talking about the learning path, is always a good practice to ask to the spirits I'm calling what's their suggestion or even they do by themselves, so I have to move to another area and usually that is by me only.  For sure I always notify my clients the possibility for billing for something more when and only I found (and clear explain why) such thing will be really out of any previous measures. Until today, never needed such thing BUT I need to notify the possibility and at same time, I'm very glad and give thanks at some very extreme cases when my older clients offered by themselves additional values like a big gift as they recognizes all the additional works done.

The size of a reading for sure is not all. It’s the contents that matters.
A funny aspect, is when I'm doing revisions of the text trying to make it short, and the result is to add even more material. LOL...

As a personal example, sometimes I paid for readings to myself, as I like to have another opinions and so I received former readings from people I respect a lot, Many was like some phrases and others also was a bit large. But that was all Ok too as they knew who I was and didn’t need so much explaining.
To repeat, I like to have another opinions. I’m not at some magic forums just to cheap talk or teaching others, but to listen and learn with many people I respect a lot. So I often check what I’m doing, use different oracles and ask for opinions. This is just because I’m human like your, and no matter I have near zero faults at readings for more than two decades, does not means I see all and does not means my opinion and experience was the better, but I'm sure about what I have seen.
Someday I expect to find something I really don’t know how to deal and need to learn and I’m humble to say this: someday I will be wrong too, it’s part of our spiritual and magic learning too.
I got cheated too many times mainly due my compassion, a hard learning under tears and blood.

When I dream of fairytales
Art by Elisabeth Zartl - Austria
By other side, we see readings so much generic, even in the right way, but lacking more information. Not a public critic, just an opinion and with respect to the ones who are able to present very short and precise replies. I just need to talk a lot sometimes and the same way, I see people also deserve more comments accordingly their experience.
For sure, in a normal reading, I don’t need to add all such material, just I like to do and when I can to make it for guidance, I do it.
May be with time I will learn to write more using less words or just make my work so specific so people don’t need so much talking.

I stopped to do live readings a long time ago, this still is a possibility for something like a local “day of readings” when someone hire me to do something like 8-10 readings in a day, one each hour or less. I had in the past 30 minutes readings for an entire day too. It’s very interesting. as I did it in the past, and is a matter of someone prepare a group, care of all expenses and the needed proper place. Usually that are nice spiritual times too as I need to opens up myself for a lot of people, including public talk for a group.

When I talk live, I really talk fast, and this is what I write in a normal reading. This one so big I’m citing at the top of this article is near the same as talking near two hours with someone who I was in need for that and the final text is a resume of that.
For sure, I edit and review my texts to shorten it as cited and too often I add more! 
But for live readings, I found 30-40 minutes use to be the needed for a reading. I can talk even just some 5 minutes at the Extreme Method and present all needed info. Each case is different for sure. Sometimes I will talk 20-30 minutes just about one card or in a brief about the personal numerology.
So when I start writing and expanding what I see to put all that ideas into words, the results may become even such big writings.

Something important to note, because the title of this article, and for sure of interest to anyone doing readings, live or not, and is a common problem with some people who does not respect professional work. I'm talking about a personal reading. Be a live talk or by e-mail as I do. The problem is some people just try abuse and want to ask about everyone in the family, relatives, friends, their company busines and etc. For sure your relationship or if the reading is about your job that is Ok. But add more specific to make a favor to others no. That is always abusive. If you go to a doctor, you pay for each one the doctor will look for. Ok? A former reading is the same. Many readers are abused this way and that is a shame.

To add some information about the way I do my readings. And how I work to people at any place in the world. (I live in the south of Brazil so get the idea) To be clear, the last personal reading I remember was some 3 years ago for a closer friend. For sure I'm not the only doing this.  
First I'm on my own vision at start. When someone ask a reading I will see the person question or life with my own inner vision. This is personal and very related to my experience in life. Also a reason at forums I reply to someone and cite I'm under my vision. Be sure I don't use any oracles for that.
The same reason I say nobody is invisible at magic. Be a normal person or someone using a nickname in a forum. Always there's a connection to the one who posted a comment.
Second, despite my vision, and to remember I say I'm not perfect, I will call the oracle, the Tarot (or Runes, I-Ching, etc) and also call for the spirits vision too.
Third, I always evoke other spirits to work with. That start with the angels/deities related to the area, plus the client guardian angel (is always neeeded to ask persmission to enter at the person's world). And as needed, any other angels/spirits/daemons related to the question. All they will add information about the questions.
And for sure, all this add to my own vision for sure and I have to measure that.

The most important is to present the needed reply and when I can add information to the client think about, learn as possible and receive suggestions for their lives become better and with knowledge about what’s happening and coming at their personal path.



quarta-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2017

Changes in the Tarot Readings

Changes in the Tarot Readings

(Portugues: Use o botão Translate no lado esquerdo da tela)

Seat and let's me talk for you.

Once I read something like this:
When you are in front of a Master just ask:
- What to do.
Nothing else is necessary.

With time and personal experiences, I observed more and more I just talk what I see.

As I talk what I see also I observed people and their needs and the ways I can work with that.

Not all people are at spiritual paths. Most are just at normal lifes, have a company, or deal with their homework, or are at the school, whatever.

I'm not here to say you must follow a spiritual path.
But I'm sure anything you do, at some time will be your own path and this is a kind of being spiritual too.
Whatever happens, someday any people will find a main energy ruling life. 

So I did some changes in the Tarot readings I do.

As I work for guidance, at any reading I'm looking first who you are, your path and what to do about.

Then I will look for your questions and others life's areas.

But not all people are after all that information about self-knowledge areas in the same way many just want a guidance for their life or companies.

With time, I have commented more and more, so this make difficult to work with, as not all people are after all that material.

For example, when I comment about numerology, I will make more than a map of your life, but add a lot of information about many areas with suggestions and examples for each case and all that inside a Tarot reading.

And the Tarot part, may goes further a lot about questions and aspects related I'm exploring.

The result is too much work so I need to make some adapt to do it better.

So I found to make some changes and add the option for asking only the Extreme One Card Reading. This part is what demand more of me.

Choose what you need

I will be doing three types of readings:

The Extreme Tarot - One Card Reading.  
This is the extreme reading method I wrote an article times ago. 

Here you can just say what the area you want to know or ask an important question. 
Just seat in front of me and let me talk what is happening at your life and what to do. 
Anyway, I will look deeper at your life and soul for the reply. The result is shorter but focused at the main areas. 
Note: This option is not suitable for asking about works on magic as I need to explore what's happening. For such case use one of the two following complete readings option.

The Standard Tarot/Oracle reading.  
I comment only the oracle parts, so it's more objective but more focused on the practical aspects. 
This includes the extreme reading part plus I will be discussing your questions in many spreads as I found need to get information and present the best sugestions I can.
Note: If you are after woks on magic this is a proper reading.

The  Tarot/Oracle reading commenting Numerology aspects. 
This is also a self-knowledge reading. 
I will first comment your birthday numerology aspects, who you are and how that works as a map to your life. This is a personal study and I strongly suggest you to print it and save for future study. The material I write here are related to all your life and may be re-read and studied in the future many times. 
And this material I will use if you do another later readings as I will be commenting about the from the previous material you received.
The second part is the Tarot readings, plus I will be pointing what aspects of your personal numbers are acting there and why. 
It's become a long size work and unique to each case. 
Note: If you are after woks on magic this is also a proper reading.

Wish this for now help people to find better options.



sábado, 10 de dezembro de 2016

Business Lunch or a Free Reading Can Be The Same

Time for Business (to some this is what you valuated for)
Art by: Ry Ry Pie Mcfly - Australia

Business Lunch or a Free Reading Can Be The Same

Be a business lunch or a meeting at some bar. I have not seen so much difference. 

I liked a lot the following article as this apply to my professional work as software professional for decades the same way as it happens often working at the occult.

It’s wonderful a good talk with closer friends and the good colleagues we do in life, I say, the ones you are often sharing experiences are always in that closer group all of us have, the valuable ones who shared lives and sometimes help at our needs and we are glad to help too always. Such ones are the ones who deserve and have full merits, we may even have rare contact but they are priceless.
But not everyone is in that list. Oh, you are one famous at you social group? Bullshit. There are a lot of people who we not used to talk often, just some rare contact here and there. And the ones we never talk. 
And what’s happens? Just someone you had rare contact or never talked or had a rare message here and there, came at once claiming why you does not reply fast at messenger and want just asking for free readings and guidance’s at first messages in Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. 
Anyone who work on computer’s area or occultism learn fast that happens often. Some are very rude like citing money is no important, spiritual work must be free and some even want your personal phone number to call you in the mid of night! Usually such ones who say money is not important have a lot and only want free work. Just spiritual parasites or company’s opportunists. 
Others try a sweetie talk at first phrases but suddenly present their real intention asking about an Ex-boyfriend or about how to deal with some complicated high value business matter at their companies or whatever else. Uhm, a Us$ 12 million transaction is never the same as a personal question to deal. Hey? Business talk is business, never but never a personal question and for sure not the same price! I remember someone who really deserved six months with a bad broken leg because that. I just refused to accept the energy they tried to put over me, so that bounced back. For free? No ways! This one more reason we ask a bill to work. If I accepted that cited, it would be my broken leg. Got this? We pay together when accept a work. Dot. 
As about most of other topics you have to think about how much at least a psychologist or a lawyer will bill you for many months. What change is the time we can solve things, not miracles, but each area work in a distinct way. Moreover, that means it is work. Dot. 
Hey, can you fix my company software computers problem for free? Hey! There are public forums where people are voluntary, so do your homework and go there and be respectful to wait for someone who have the time for a suggestion. As any forum, that is voluntary work, learn to be respectful and never expect for a miracle. 
But if that is a private work, one to one, then is easy to realize how often that often need dozen hours just to get what the problem is. Plus a lot more of years of experience to know how to deal with it. If that such ones acting like parasites does not get this, would be better if they jump from a high cliff. 
Disclaimer: I’m not promoting suicide, this is a suggestion to such ones just disappears and let the good ones act.  
To be clear, in the spiritual aspect, suicide never but never is a good act. Better to accept your suffering and work to solve it. At the other side things will be very worse for a suicidal.
Ok, we know life is not so sweet and there are predators and opportunists anywhere. So there are the human predators and we have to learn to keep them at place.  

So, back to the business lunch or a friends meeting in a bar. 
That is a lunch or a bar time, to meet someone, have a good talk and so.
If you want to talk about business, be clear about that. This means to be respectful. What kind of work you expect to receive if you act like a parasite? Be sure that will be very uncomfortable very fast but we know, opportunists do not pay a fuck to be just asshats. 
I had a lot of such calls too. Like a sellers representative of a major computer supplier just trying to get corporate info going to someone even asking for a free source code copy of a Us$ hundreds thousands software I developed for clients who have a giant debt with me. Yes, they try.

At the other areas I work, things are not different. 
Hey “buddy”, I’m at city tomorrow so come meet us to that (a fashion high price) bar at nigh to a party and to talk because I have something (a gift) to you (some people don’t know how to use mail). Like the following article, the bar was 35 miles away, more than one hour driving because traffic, I was expected to pay my bill and… glad to Facebook that show “Mister X replied to N”… I saw messages at other profiles from many other people at the same group like… “hey, very good HE will be there, I have a lot to ask about my problems. He will came with the Tarot too?” 
Oh, just one more invite for a bar to do free readings? I was sure before anyways as I have my vision, but just fuck that deserved what was coming. I tried to comment more, but, that one as many others, are happy to buy luxury personal itens found to pay a reading too much. Uhm, that was  too much? Be sure many times that can be a fart in the wind for the times coming but I won't be stupid to say that for free and receive the bad energy to myself. No way! Sorry, as cited sometimes serious business talk means business talk.  
Sorry, in the past, I went to many places like a bar where I even did two dozens numerology readings very specific just to promote my work. An idea from a press guy who I love, but in practice, I had to pay my bill all the times and that never resulted even a client. Zero. 
Same reasons to stop to do personal readings. Too often that became something like a gossip session. I work to people around the world so I can be very objective at what I'm doing.  
And when things are at software area, the place for that is at the office during daily work time.

The ones who valuate what you do will be happy to pay you the same way they are ready to buy a nice car, a jewerly or something else. 

There are the “sweeties” women I found. They called me… Hey, let’s met at such (very good) restaurant (but I would had to pay both bills…) because I like to talk about occultism (in practice they had a problem with an Ex or something else. What? 

Going to a nice example, I remember a client from another city long time ago, who became a closer friend, she and her husband was directors of a company’s group and replied me once as an offering I did for a discount due their time with me: “No discount. My friends pay me”. She used to refuse discounts. Few companies do that. Wow! We know you are doing more than full work, so keep full price! That is rare. And she often pointed my work to other companies just because she was satisfied. A nice person. Be sure I used to do anything for a better work to her company. 

This remember people who contact you and offer to pay with “references”. That’s the most complete bullshit. Some few invited me to a bar, and even paid the bill. But asked everything about any areas you can think related to their top business. Uhm, I found better bill for my work and pay my drink.

I’m talking about more than three decades of experiences just to be clear if someone got offended.

People who does not respect you and does not respect your time and work NEVER are a good reference. They are ready to pay for a plumber, the phone company, a fashion shoes, whatever. Not for you. 
Keep away and save your time. As cited before, decent people and my friends know I have a life and family too. 
Just to give real credits, as I learned to give thanks for the good and also the bad experiences. I had a lot of results from free work I did for “references”. Guess what? First, that does not paid any of my bills. Second, they always pointed to more people (who had a lot of money too) and also wanting free work. So adding to many others people experience who also know such famous ones, that means nothing. Oh, are you famous and want anything for free? You are just one more shit. Be sure such ones are just parasites and will add nothing and even won’t accept if you cite their names as clients. Dot. 
The good ones are good seeds for a better harvest. The bad ones, uhm, they are just solid groud, nothing grew there.  

So do me a favor, before being rude with a professional, call the plumber to fix your old house problems (materials included) and say him it must be free. 

At this article, Lyz Rian once more time show very well how important is self-respect as only the ones who deserve you, will get you. 

Here the original article I’m commenting and I wish you read it and many of the others she posted. 

Lyz Rian is working seriously at HR area to help making people and companies better and here once more time she presents great comments to learn: FiveWays To Be Rude And Unprofessional At A Business Lunch.           

Wish you get more form her articles too as we are at XXI Century and is time to better humans relationships and companies acting better.

So, please, if you want a free reading be respectfull, that is my job too and you have the link for readings and works here!


quarta-feira, 20 de abril de 2016

Extreme Tarot Readings and Some of The Art Behind It

Image source: www.thejohnniechair.com

Extreme Tarot Readings and Some of The Art Behind It

Sometimes I had the opportunity to do what I call "extreme readings".
That are readings on fly, very short, for a lot of people at minimum time.
I say, something like one or two minutes maximum.
I will talk here isomg the Tarot as a good example. But in practice sometimes I used other oracles, like stones, peanut shells, broken sticks, metallic clips, nails, etc. Well, I developed an ability to read almost anything as an oracle. Someday I will write about how each work really different,  

So I will try to give some information more related to the aspects of doing a good decent reading, whatever the oracle you choose.

For example, you are in a bar, a party, in a park or barbeque with friends, or during a Sabbath,  you have your deck and you start doing readings for people and sunden, they become a lot.
Sometimes that can really became a fury, and many people want listen you.
Trust me. If you never exposed yourself to public, be prepared for an avalanche of emotional requests, business oppinions and with luck, some really very interesting ones. Some of the best people I knew, the ones who really make this a better world, and some of the best students I had I found this way.
And a lot of interference. I wish you already have learned how to work and know to enter in a calm state, focused and not allowing any intrude energy to disturb you. In public places is funny how many spirits you will find trying to make a mess too (read the final comment please). Plus some drunk people. A good time to remember about protection circles and all that stuff. But in such places, your personal protection area must be done silently. Remember this never but never can be a circus show. If you know how to do, you will be able to go unnoticed. This is a good point for you.

In practice, is easy to find people doing minor readings, like 5-10 minutes at many places, like fairs, public events. Many are good readers and many are just learning. In the 90s for a time I used to seat under a big tree in a park and do 5 minutes readings. Was very interesting to know more about people and to do some money.

Lots of tarot (or any oracle) readers may do short readings sometimes taking 5 to 10 minutes.

Many times I did "extreme readings" (1-2 minutes) even for free, and many do this way. Most of times just happens. Ok. Just remember to cleanup yourself after that. This is a reason to bill something. Even a such short work can bring you some very unpleasant attached energies. As shit may happens during a reading, see my final commentary at end of this text.

Note: I'm commenting about situations for doing extreme readings and how work with that. This is not a service I do as the reader will got tired after a session of extreme reading the same as doing complete readings for all that people. It's a matter of results, not time.

The most important to understand is: this is not a competition, it's not a car race, nor a circus show.
Some people who make public mystic fairs are always after someone to do a show for nothing. This is not the case.

The goal is to do a good reading as you will be improving your skills and yourself to be more able to talk less but with a complete overview. 
If you need five minutes it's Ok. May be with time you will need just some seconds, for a direct and clear phrase to answer the client.

Many of us will have such experiences and that are good for training if you are starting.
But some people will expect a lot from you if you are experienced. I say, really a lot. Yes, there are the true interested, but also you will meet oportunists who will give you a lot of headache. So, it's an opportunity to learn to protect yourself.

But what is a short extreme reading as I will comment?
A short reading can be just a phrase, a specific comment, related with the person need. But this have to be complete in my point of view.
And this is my purpose here, to comment some aspects about a doing complete Tarot reading in a minute or two.
See, for "complete reading" in no ways you will talk about the entire life of your client, but the reply must be the needed to the question. 

You are ready for a short extreme reading when you can see at once, just a second, all you need, even to talk for a long time with just one card. But I will keep in the 1-2 minutes limit, Ok?

Son of the Sun
Photo by Mathieu Degrotte - France

But what you can see in a "one card reading"?

The reply is simple: You can see all you need related to the question, the why and how, if something is hidden, the for what and even possible incomes.
This start just working with the most basic meaning, the "title" for each card. This is all you need, a simple, basic idea.Then the elements, the numbers, symbols. All that with time become part of your intuition too. And more, the personal wisdom you develop.
And as your skills increase, your capabilitie to understand situations, people, companies, this become a phrase, a complete idea you can understand and express. 

I always use the "one card reading" in my former readings too, not just for short readings.
I always ask "whats happening?"
In a short reading, I just get the general idea and talk about that.
But in a former reading this means I have more time to comment on detail.

So I first use just one card to see what is happening and that is the general line I follow and everything I do later will be related with that card.
As for years I do most readings to distant foreign people, by e-mail, I have more time to write. This is the same for a live reading (when I do). So with time I will talk about the whole scene I see.The result can be some pages plus any other information I see is needed to add. For example, may be what I'm talking about is related to some area so I will add information related to that. Some people don't know how care of himselves and need guidance, and this is what I do more, look who you are and what you need to know to follow on your path. But see, for an extreme reading, I have to get the main aspects and go direct to that and trust me, it's possible to add even guidance on that. This is not a matter of cut words, but learn to be direct. 

Some readings may need some extra information, and this is Ok. The "one card" gave the needed information, but the client may have some adventure ahead, a business need, a life change they are on fear to do.  For such cases, I like to put three more cards if I really want to go on some detail already present at the initial card. Usually some variation of the standard "Situation-What to do-Results". Remember this have variations, likem "Past-Present-Future", or "Background-Whats happening-what look for".
Each case is different and you must learn to explore such possibilities as needed. Remember, what is the main information from the "one card" to keep on track. That will guide you about how to explore more or not.

Following. I commented you will be receiving a lot of information.

How are your connection with the world of symbols you get?

This apply to any Tarot reading. And for any other oracle in my opinion.

Each card have a major meaning, and have a lot of symbols drawn on it.
But the real reading comes when you go ahead, use the card as a door to the another realm, the sources of the information you are looking for.
Remember first what is the card title and the ideas related. 

The Calender
Art by Mattias Adolfsson - Sweden

Now look about the sources of information:

You will have two kind of information sources coming from the Tarot:
1) The first is what you will see about your client, the person for who you are doing the reading.You will enter at his/her personal realm.
2) The second information is what the Tarot will show you.

Both are present at the card you get. And this can also give you an image at your mind, even a complete movie in a second.
So remember, the Tarot is a connection to his/her private life and will add information/symbols related to what you see.

Please, remember, be respectful. You are entering in the most sacred place: a personal life, so keep your prejudices and personal ideas and interests out!

You must understand, in a reading is the Tarot who will reply. You must process the information, and only when you are able to, comment more about with your study and personal life experience.

But not to judge your client because your personal choices.

What I want to make clear is some of your personal ideas can't interefere on the reading. Your personal preferences, like sports, sex, politics, kind of food, money, prejudices, etc. such conceptions about life style most of times are not the question.This is what charlatans and oportunists do most of times, just try to use the information to cheat or manipulate the client.

Warning: To keep your life appart in no ways means lack of ethics!

Please understand: to help who really want help/evolution is not the same as reply to anyone.
So, you does not have to help criminals or to harm others. I knew many who do this deeply in practice. To help someone to commit a crime make you a criminal too. Dot.

You are free to not reply on such questions. Just say bye.

So lets your reading flow.

Mystic River
Photo by Bill - United States

How to interpret the "one card" or short spread you are doing?  

The Tarot most of times will be very explicit just at the first card. As I told, is a wide image of what is happening.
So we have the card title and a image or just the idea related like in the Minor Arcana.

So that "one card" give you an image. Wish you developed your intuition, your senses are Ok and you are not affected by the environment. This is important when working for really beautifull clients or some famous people, they can be very boring or attractive. LOL...

Developing reading skills will make it s always clear to understand? No. It will not. 

Even I recognize one and other time that "one card with the whole image" appears really strange, I say, really have no sense at first look. Yes, sometimes I look that card and I say to myself: "What?" This will happens with you, be sure.
So be humble and use a simple method, that is very usefull also to learn more the Tarot. As you feel by experience, ask for one or two cards at once to explain the first one. Easy and simple, just talk to the Tarot "Please, explain the card I received". 
When such strange conditions happens, the additional card may show additional hidden aspects you and sometimes the client are unaware or try to hidden. Or will show the question is really different and offer a complete different point of view. There are many possibilities. And yes, some clients will lie to you and you need to be able to go throught it.

When doing short readings, people may or not have specific questions. Many just want a "message for this time".
And even when they have specific questions, remember most of them are not really able to express what they want or the question is really wide.
Anyways, you must be able to get the whole scene and interpret it at once.

And here again the idea of a door to the other realm, and there are your client world, with everything you can see (or even think was possible) and all the symbols the card is presenting for you.

Now you have what the client asked (or not), how his/her the private life is about that and the Tarot symbols about the situation.

An important note: Be aware, as you develop your skills and your personal wisdom, one and other time the Tarot may give a short and direct reply to you. Yes, sometimes the reply have nothing with the client, but is a message to your personal point of view, or an advice about something you have to know or change. The deeper you goo, this will happens too. So be prepared for a card with a message like "Use your experience to comment about N" or even "Hey stupid, not this way!". LOL... 

So you have all it, let's talk.

First, be respectfull. This is a major rule for both sides.

You will have a client who is ready to listen. Others not so ready due personal concerns, family traditions, etc. They need learning.

And some really don't want to listen, whatever you say. The same for oportunists wanting a lot from you. They will suck you the most they can. Do not waste your time with none of these. Really.

It is always important to say the truth. But be calm about this.
For some people, the truth can be a punch in the stomach so try to look around how you can be gentle and at same time, explain the needed points. 
In this part, not always the Tarot will show you the client is "sensible". You must learn more about people too. 
Anyways, as you make your muscles stronger, you will be Ok when one and other talk bad about you because you "did a bad reading and that was not what they wanted". 

When you are true, it allows people to see you without masks. Are you perfect, without problems like some do for self promotion? Be sure I'm not and I had really a lot of deep good and bad experiences few people had. 

So be clear, who deserve what you do will get it.
You can always talk the truth, just observe how you do it.

Many Tarot teachers talk about to develop your intuition. Practices like meditation will help a lot. Yes, this is very good and needed.
But you also need to go throught the world of the symbols to be able to get the understanding of the scene related with that. Less is more, so work to develop this,

Some magickal areas and religions where they use some kind of oracle call this capability as something like "to receive a ray of light". Uhm, a nice image to describe it.

At the initial years, is common to the reader try to analyze all the symbols in each card. And there are a lot to learn and study. And this can do a lot of mess due too much information.

The Tarot symbols are important to to study, but see all this information as part of a cake you will cook. The result is the cake and you will just taste it without think about all many ingredients and how it was done.
Get this? With time and experience you will start to get the final taste, the meaningful result of the reading.

For example, you can look a picture of people and say at once if it is funny, if they are happy or not and how nice the place is. You does not need to fix your atention to each point of the image. You must learn to see the whole scene.

At the reading you have the client and a scene you received. What comes to your mind first of all?
This first imagery use to be what is really happening, what you need to know.
For sure, as an instant movie, you can talk a lot about or just take the principal.

But how to get there?

Study, knowing well the basics and the main general aspects for each arcana.

There are many spreads that help you to learn the main: how to ask and how to get the information.
Ready layout spreads helps a lot on this, just because you divide the question in parts that make easier to interpret.
Remember, always you use some kind of spread, say to the Tarot do the reply using such layout.

Then ask about the whole question like "whats happening to X?"

Remember to disconnected from your personal opinions and follow with the reading.

Additional final comments:

Even in a short extreme reading you may get any of the possible interferences or strange events.
As I told, Tarot is like a door to other realms.
And what can happens when you open such door? Intruders!
Yes, even in a simple one card reading you can receive undesired interference, like oportunist spirits.
And more of that, when you open the door for the other person realm, may be he/she is being attacked someway. This mean, such spirits/forces my use the connection you did and come after you.

So remember, at start is good to enter in a relaxed state, do a prayer you choose specific for such moment, and ask for protection.
At end, give thanks and release any spirits/forces you may had evoked and close your deck.
If needed, after all do a banishment to assure nothing else is left around.

Extreme readings can be tiresome because of the required concentration. Whatever you choose to do, the best after a session of reading, is to do something to relax, walk, have a time playing music, etc. 
Study, practice. Wish you have fun!

To High Region
Art by Kirk Quilaquil - United Kingdom

quinta-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2013

A Numerologia de 2013 - Escolha ser Feliz

Feel Alive
Artista: Wenqing Yan (
Yuumei)- United States

Um mundo de opções

Vamos lá.

Mais uma vez, este não é um trabalho fazendo profecias. Olhar o futuro e falar algo que tem vai acontecer é um tema interessante e já fiz várias delas, normalmente comentada apenas entre pessoas mais chegadas para que observassem os acontecimentos. Algumas coisas boas, outras nem tanto. Fazer profecias muitas vezes é um aborrecimento. Então vamos esquecer isto, Ok?

Falar sobre a numerologia do ano não é uma profecia de que neste ano vai acontecer esta ou aquela coisa na sua vida. Falamos sobre as energias que estarão influenciando suas vidas. É como comentar sobre as condições das estradas. Falamos sobre o trânsito, as condições do calçamento, as opções de caminhos existentes, alguns pontos em que a paisagem pode ter maiores atrativos ou quem sabe, algum lugar onde encontrar um delicioso pão. Mas é você quem fará as escolhas. Só podemos oferecer uma luz, algumas indicações e sugestões para sua caminhada. Mesmo uma análise pessoal ou uma leitura de tarot tem como objetivo lhe mostrar as energias da sua vida, as possibilidades mais próximas. Entenda bem: mesmo que algo seja apresentado como fato e inevitável, pode ser que você prefira não aceitar isto, por motivos pessoais. Estudar a numerologia pessoal, o Tarot, o I-Ching, o mapa astrológico, as Runas, etc. são maneiras de buscar auto-conhecimento, de procurar entender o mundo em que vivemos. E este universo, é imenso e maravilhoso.

Interessante como buscamos várias coisas e cada uma delas, ao seu momento, pode ter uma importância muito grande para nossa vida, nossas planos e projetos.
Claro que existem diferenças em tudo que existe, tudo que se faz, pensa ou sente. Das mais básicas até as mais complexas. Você precisa de um lugar para morar. Mas também precisa se alimentar. E também precisa se relacionar com as pessoas e com o mundo. Pode ser que esteja fazendo um curso universitário e o tempo e material de estudos são importantes. Algumas matérias precisarão de mais tempo, outras mais dedicação. Você pode ter maior facilidade com alguns assuntos, ou uma habilidade natural para cozinhar ou trabalhar com madeira.
E para todas elas você vai precisar de uma coisa: respirar. Basta uns poucos minutos para que a vida saia de seu corpo se faltar o oxigênio. Assim como precisa beber água e se alimentar. Todas são importantes na verdade. Fazem parte de tudo que você fizer na vida.
Então podemos perceber que respirar é importante. É a primeira coisa que fazemos ao nascer e será através de um último suspiro que um dia sairemos desta vida. Mas antes mesmo de nascer, seu coração já estava batendo, o sangue circulava pelo seu corpo. O alimento e o oxigênio foram fornecidos pelo corpo da mãe. Você não precisava decidir nada, apenas contemplar o crescimento e as sensações que chegavam até você naquele período. Muito do que somos vêm justamente desta fase. Escutamos e sentimos. Muito mais tarde, estas sensações farão parte de nossa personalidade, de aspectos do nosso ser.
Veja como são várias coisas diferentes. Algumas são herdadas, outras escolheremos.
Ao mesmo tempo em que respirar é básico, também podemos aprender a respirar melhor, usar técnicas de meditação, yoga e coisas assim que elevam o nível de consciência corporal, harmonizam mente e espírito. Veja, falamos de algo que parece básico, respiração. Mas dependendo de uma escolha nossa isto pode levar-nos aos níveis mais elevados da consciência humana.

Quantas opções, escolhas, influências. E existe a sociedade, as demais pessoas. Seus familiares, vizinhos, os habitantes de sua cidade, seu país. E quem sabe, as pessoas que moram noutros lugares do planeta. E os seres das demais dimensões, os que habitam dentro da Terra, ou são apenas invisíveis para nós. E os seres de outros planetas e galáxias. A vida está por todo universo.

Boa parte de nosso mundo civilizado é cada vez mais interligado. Usamos produtos feitos nalgum outro país. Trocamos idéias com pessoas de outros continentes.
Mas boa parte das pessoas vive nalgum lugar mais isolado, uma aldeia entre as montanhas, na selva ou deserto. Tem as estrelas por companhia e eventuais contatos com as pessoas de longe. Mas já é comum entre muitos povos nômades, ter uma TV ou um rádio, e assim tem uma ideia das coisas que acontece no que muitos chamam de “mundo exterior”. E de alguma forma são influenciados por isto. Mas será importante para o padeiro de uma aldeia no meio do deserto de Góbi saber sobre a negatividade por causa da oscilação da bolsa de valores da Finlândia? E existe um excesso de informações também. E de opiniões. Em tudo. Muito do que se passa é simplesmente ignorado. E as pessoas se isolam cada uma a sua forma, de tudo que consideram menos importante.

Algumas pessoas têm este mesmo distanciamento morando em plena cidade. Estão fisicamente junto das pessoas, mas ignoram o que se passam. Escolhem afastar-se ou simplesmente são tímidos e tem dificuldades de relacionamento. Podem ser comunicativos pelo telefone ou na internet, mas quietos quando estão com alguém.

Quanta coisa não é? São várias coisas em nossa vida e por toda parte e damos prioridades, algumas são importantes ou não, dependendo do ponto de vista.

“O que está acima é como o que está abaixo”. (Hermes). Temos dentro de nós a mesma complexidade de todo o universo que está fora de nós. É o microcosmo e macrocosmo.

O que tudo isto tem a ver conosco? No momento tem a ver com algo que fazemos todo o tempo: Escolhas.

Fazemos escolhas todo o tempo. E este ano tem a ver com as escolhas que fazemos, do porque e como fazemos. Através das escolhas formamos nossas relações com as pessoas e o mundo.

Planet Aden Circle
Artista: David Fuhrer
- Switzerland

Depois das mudanças, os ajustamentos

Bem, o mundo não acabou em 2012

E nem vieram acontecimentos espetaculares.
Tudo parece igual.

Igual? Pergunto de novo? Será que tudo parece igual para você?

Caso você não tenha lido, sugiro a leitura da numerologia de 2012 pois comento sobre mudanças para os anos posteriores, especialmente sobre estarmos entrando num ciclo que pode se tornar uma verdadeira salada místico-espiritualista.

2012 foi um ano 5, isto significou mudanças. As coisas pareciam sem muito controle, mudando até o que parecia mais certo ou trazendo boas novas inesperados. Então como tudo pode ser igual?

Cada dia nós tomamos decisões, pessoas nascem, empresas lançam produtos, pássaros voam em migração, árvores crescem e dão frutos.

As coisas às vezes até parecem iguais, ou seguir um determinado padrão, mas elas mudam. Quando deixam de mudar é porque ficaram estagnadas, paradas no tempo.

Quem não muda está congelado no tempo. Repete a si mesmo, a mesma vida todos os dias.

Mas então donde vêm as mudanças? Basicamente das escolhas passadas se originam todos os movimentos que levam à novos eventos. E escolher significa ponderar, analisar opções.

2013 é um ano de número 6. E é disto que o número 6 fala. Escolhas ponderadas na busca de uma vida harmoniosa e equilibrada. 

As escolhas que fazemos hoje são a raízes das mudanças futuras. Tudo que acontece em nossa vida, o que recebemos, conseguimos, é resultado de uma escolha nalgum momento de nossas vidas. Pedimos todos os dias e esquecemos. Muitos anos depois aquilo ocorre e nem lembramos que nossas próprias escolhas foram a semente.

E com quem temos por predileção ponderar, pensar entre a nossa realidade interior e exterior? Justamente em família, seu marido, namorada, com amigos íntimos, seu grupo pessoal mais próximo. Pode ser sua família de sangue, seu casamento, seu grupo de meditação, enfim, seu clã. Aqueles que se tornaram sua verdadeira família.

Existe aquela família que herdamos por nascimento e a verdadeira família, que é aquela que escolhemos e formamos ao longo da vida.

Você não escolhe seus irmãos, mas sempre pode escolher seus amigos.

Artista: Ciaee Ching (United States)

A numerologia de 2013

Na numerologia 2013 será um ano 6: (2+0+1+3=6)

Muitos já falaram 2013 é o ano da família. Sim, tem a ver com família, mas é necessário entender isto em planos mais amplos e gerais.

A família é o núcleo de toda sociedade. A maioria das religiões e sociedades sabe isto. É na família que são formados os valores básicos, a personalidade é moldada,. É onde os primeiros ensinamentos e exemplos de vida acontecem.

Família é teu grupo social mais próximo. Este ano também está relacionado a todos os grupos dos quais vocês fazem parte, escola, trabalho, associações, religião, etc.

Quando observamos as relações em grupos vamos ver que esta é formada por várias coisas diferentes, internas e externas ao grupo. Crenças, habilidade, interesses, gostos em comum, necessidade, carinho e Amor. Vamos falar de amor mais adiante. E falo de Amor, não apenas da satisfação, do anseio de uma companhia ou do encontro da “alma gêmea”.

O número 6 tem a ver com os grupos espirituais, as escolas de crescimento pessoal, grupos espiritualistas e de estudos. Também entram a escola tradicional, as associações, os grupos e as atividades em que as pessoas se unem por objetivos em comum de evolução.

E em todos, busca-se a harmonia e a paz que são frutos de nossas escolhas.

É um bom ano para o desenvolvimento espiritual de uma forma geral, a elevação da consciência e da integração com as demais pessoas.

Sim, Negócios

Empresas que valorizam aspectos humanos e as escolhas individuais, tanto quanto estimulam o contato sincero entre as pessoas, de todas as formas, também se beneficiam, pois isto estimula o trabalho coletivo para um bem maior.
Em vários artigos falo sobre evolução da consciência empresarial. E as relações entre as pessoas é um de seus aspectos mais importantes. Não se pode ordenar que as pessoas de uma empresa se expressem naturalmente com os colegas, ou que adotem costumes que são característicos de outras sociedades. Vimos nas décadas passadas, muitas “metodologias” serem trazidas para dentro das empresas. Deram ordens aos funcionários para revelar seus sentimentos ou adotarem atitudes que em nada tem a ver com os costumes da sociedade local.
A maioria destas metodologias empresariais apenas resultou num imenso desperdício de papel (e a destruição de muitas florestas), o gasto de milhões em consultorias bem intencionadas, perda de  produtividade e de algo que é muito valioso para que uma empresa seja bem sucedida: a criatividade e espontaneidade das pessoas.
Ninguém vai ser espontâneo mediante ordens. Seja em família, seja numa empresa.

Empresa não é uma família. Mesmo que seja uma empresa familiar. Existem os chefes (alguns são líderes) e os comandados (funcionários).
O objetivo de uma empresa é a produção de um determinado produto ou serviço e ter lucro com isto para crescer e se renovar. O objetivo da família é trazer novos seres para a sociedade e formar novas gerações.
A empresa não é uma família. É no máximo um pequeno exército, com hierarquias, habilidades, estratégias. E o que faz um exército ser realmente bem sucedido, vitorioso, respeitado e de valor? Transparência e confiança nos seus líderes. Comandantes sem carisma, com objetivos duvidosos, cruéis ou ingratos podem conseguir resultados a muito custo. Mas muitos acham que o resultado vale a pena enquanto outros grupos fazem o mesmo, muito melhor e com satisfação para todos, agindo de forma sincera e com a participação de todos. São inúmeros casos de cegueira empresarial, bastante conhecidos, onde todos notam claramente o imenso desperdício usado para justificar resultados pobres. Quantas empresas seguem fazendo produtos ruins, pelo mesmo custo de fazer ótimos produtos?

Isto nos remete de volta a questão das relações entre as pessoas e suas diferenças.

Negocie sem quebrar

A Place of Tea and Discussion
Artista: Callum Lewis - United Kingdom
Em qualquer grupo temos as partes boas, mas também os conflitos gerados pelas diferenças entre as pessoas.

Por isto 2013 também tem a ver com “gestão de conflitos”. É sempre importante procurar negociar, buscar harmonizar situações baseado na verdade e na positividade. Mas lembre bem, especialmente neste ano, que certos conflitos podem requerer participação e ajuda externa. Então negocie, mas se necessário pode-se levar uma questão importante ao seu chefe, ou ir à justiça. Não estamos falando de fazer concessões que vão prejudicar um dos lados.

Quais são suas atitudes? São escolhas que você faz!
Você tem boas atitudes para assumir as responsabilidades? E para o que se relaciona ao amor, o ambiente familiar, a saúde, as leis?
Ou será que você é ausente? São suas escolhas! Será que você foge das responsabilidades? Tem dificuldade para decidir? Ou tem aquele desejo inatingível de perfeição?
Quem sabe suas escolhas, suas decisões te fazem uma pessoa dominante e possessiva? Egoísmo, futilidade, ganância, são formas de possessividade. É escolher apenas para si.
Mas também pode ser que você tenha o mau costume de absorver todas responsabilidades dos demais (é uma forma de egoísmo) e com isso destruir sua saúde!

Escolhas! Quer ser feliz? Escolha ser feliz! Não se trata de escolher “como” isto vai ser. Quando você quer escolher como tudo tem que ser, então estará limitando as opções. Por acaso tu conhece todas as opções possíveis no universo?

Acha que existe mesmo “livre arbítrio”? Leia: Existe livre arbítrio?

O importante ao fazer escolhas futuras, ao pedir ao universo, a Deus, o que gostaria na sua vida, faça isto pelo “como” gostaria de se sentir. Ao invés de escolher a maneira que isto poderá acontecer, busque as qualidades desejadas.
Vamos ver um exemplo de como “pedir” em pensamentos, orações ou mesmo magia: A busca de uma nova casa. Se você pedir uma casa de alvenaria, pintada de amarelo, cerca de metal, com dois andares, que seja na rua “tal” e em frente da padaria, estará limitando muito suas chances. Mas, se ao invés disto sua lista for por uma casa ampla e confortável, num lugar agradável e bem atendido pelo transporte público, com acesso próximo as necessidades de suprimentos, suas chances serão muito maiores. E simplesmente porque a maioria das pessoas não conhece direito nem seu próprio bairro, muito menos o que está logo adiante noutra parte da cidade, talvez até melhor do que você conhece. E é possível que logo ali, num local nem tão longe, mas muito agradável, estejam todas estas características e mais ainda. Se pedir por uma casa para morar, sempre peça um lugar seguro onde ser feliz e realizado.

Ao fazer um desejo, pense mais no "como" deseja sentir-se e menos no "como" isto pode acontecer.

E isto também se aplica ao Amor. Peça sempre pelo “como” quer sentir-se: feliz, realizado, que tenha cumplicidade, compatibilidade sexual e espiritual. Não se limite procurando alguém "igual" a você. Mas alguém que vai ser feliz com você e com quem você também será feliz.

Mulheres pedem o príncipe encantado (que na verdade são poucos) com todo tipo de qualidades. E desperdiçam todos os sapos que aparecem no caminho! Sim, beije um sapo de vez em quando!  Com os homens, os critérios são outros, mas também não é diferente.

Decisões, escolhas

Inner Strength
Artista: Pierre-Alain D. - France

2012 foi um ano 5 onde não tínhamos muito controle. Muitas vezes vimos mudanças que foram bruscas e inesperadas para melhor ou pior. Coisas que pareciam certas deixaram de acontecer e também houve acontecimentos inesperados para muitas pessoas.

Mesmo o esperado fim do mundo (para alguns) não veio mesmo não é? (risos).

Já o ano 2013, um ano de número 6 é onde devemos ter controle, domínio para suas decisões. E tem a ver com alianças e acordos, muitos visando a segurança. Laços de maior duração como casamentos são mais propícios sob esta energia. O número 6 tem a ver com assentamento, criar raízes. Daí a importância das escolhas.

E ser responsável pelas suas escolhas. Não se trata de bancar o durão ou ser teimoso. Para ser responsável assume-se um compromisso e este só pode ser verdadeiro quando você tem clareza no que faz. Como escolher entre opções sem entender as possibilidades?

Responsabilidade: você é confiável? É digno de confiança? Assume o que faz e responde pelos seus atos ou age de acordo com a conveniência?

O número 6 tem a ver com ser metódico e conciliador. E pelo impulso que dá para as escolhas, traz uma energia de encanto e refinamento, o sentido estético pode estar mais aprimorado. Quando equilibramos as coisas e estas são o melhor para todos, isto é belo. Daí que o número 6 tem a ver com a beleza que encontramos em grupos harmoniosos, em boas famílias, em relacionamentos ou em certas empresas onde as pessoas são valorizadas e tem um ambiente verdadeiramente harmonioso.

Não existe harmonia e felicidade num grupo em que alguns se sacrificam ou são escravizados com a desculpa de seguirem uma determinada regra, lei ou dogma religioso.

Se não houver harmonia, perceberemos a dúvida, as indecisões, a falta de palavra e também, o excesso de perfeccionismo.

E em tempo: fidelidade. O número 6 fala em ser fiel a si e aos demais. Seja no relacionamento ou nas suas parcerias de trabalho, amizade. E com isto, ocorre ao natural a independência que surge na confiança recíproca.

Como isto começa na família, é aí que se deve colocar atenção. A família deve ter prioridade. Pratique ouvir mais, dar mais atenção. Deixar as coisas do trabalho lá fora quando chegar. Preste sincera atenção aos seus entes queridos, familiares, amigos.

Alguns aspectos interessantes do número 6 são as boas atitudes em assumir as responsabilidades e para tudo que se relacione ao amor, a cura (medicina), as leis e regras naquilo que faz. Uma das coisas que nos dá confiança em nós mesmos são nossas capacidades de organização, intelectuais e de ser metódicos. Ser ponderado e buscar um caminho reto, consciente é ótimo pois ninguém é mais forte do que aquele que é verdadeiro consigo mesmo e com os demais.

É um ano também de incrementos no trabalho. E às vezes uma promoção que signifique mais serviço! Então, equilibre isto! De nada adianta você conseguir um milhão se matando num negócio qualquer se isto custar a harmonia familiar, seu relacionamento amoroso ou ainda a sanidade mental ou saúde dos seus filhos! Isto não é sacrifício seu, é tolice.

Se você tem questões ligadas a contratos, justiça, este ano pode trazer problemas nestas áreas. Lembre: é um ano de decisões sobre escolhas. Procure negociar amigavelmente, ajustar o máximo que puder. Mas não faça concessões que possam lhe prejudicar ou favorecer que não merece. Faça o possível para evitar, mas se necessário vá à justiça.

Como fazemos escolhas e acertos, então o ano de número seis é favorável ao acerto de antigas contas, sejam financeiras, sejam pessoais. O ano favorece o reencontro de amigos, saldar antigas dívidas em todas as áreas. Tudo isto faz parte da busca pela harmonia.

Uma coisa muito importante a observar é que justamente por incentivar a harmonia, pode existir um excesso de zelo ou até de dominação nas decisões. Deve-se cuidar para não ser parcial ou superprotetor.

Ao buscar solução para alguma divergência, muito cuidado para não ser parcial, protegendo ou apoiando quem não merece, prejudicando quem está com a verdade. Se você for tentado a defender alguém apenas por ser seu amigo ou parente, mas souber que esta pessoa está errada, então sua decisão certamente também vai lhe afetar no futuro. Lembre que ser amigo não significa passar a mão por cima de tudo, mas justamente ter a coragem e a franqueza de falar a verdade e estimular um caminho verdadeiro.

Como estamos em família, grupos sociais que nos são queridos, o ano favorece que nossas atividades sociais, assim como a presença nestes grupos de pessoas que sejam influentes nos ajudem a alcançar objetivos, simplesmente porque “em família” (seu grupo) as pessoas são impelidas a interagir de forma mais interessada umas pelas outras.

Birdie Love
Artista: Susan Hawkins - Germany

E claro, Amor

No Tarot, o arcano VI é chamado “Os Enamorados”, “Os Amantes”.

Citando Mário Quintana, “Amar é mudar a alma de casa”.

Falamos tanto em escolhas, nas coisas da vida, na multiplicidade de opções.

E o que é o Amor senão a união dos opostos? O amor é um dos grandes caminhos iniciáticos para a evolução da consciência. Lembra que no início exemplifiquei com a respiração? Pois faça a seguinte experiência: sente confortavelmente frente a frente com seu companheiro/a, tocando as mãos de leve e apenas respirem pausadamente por alguns minutos. Apenas imaginem que o ar que entra tem uma tonalidade azul e o ar que sai tem uma tonalidade rosa. É um exercício simples de harmonização que pode ser feito por vários dias.

A fonte do Amor é o próprio universo. Não escolhemos a pessoa amada. Ninguém sabe como isto acontece. É o segredo mais bem guardado do universo.
Através do Amor buscamos restabelecer a unidade primordial, quando tudo era apenas um, antes da dualidade. Perde-se nos tempos.
Espelhamos-nos no outro e no Amor teremos as experiências mais impactantes, vivência direta.
O Amor nos expõe de forma total e experimentamos todas as características da dualidade que fazem parte do nosso crescimento. Harmonia, desarmonia, amor e ciúme, união e separação (Gerd Ziegler).
Tudo isto nos leva a ser indivíduos plenos. Todas as experiências objetivam a sermos indivíduos totais, integrados. O amor nos leva a compreensão, mas não somos apenas este amor (Gerd Ziegler).

2013 tem a ver com a possibilidade das relações amorosas intensas, com a estabilidade nos novos relacionamentos e também com o aprofundamento das relações existentes. Vamos em busca do florescimento total como seres humanos.

O amor é uma das grandes chaves da alquimia, o fogo mais intenso de todos. Tudo cria e tudo permeia. Através dele podemos experimentar as mais sublimes experiências pessoais e espirituais.

Não escolhemos quem vamos Amar, mas podemos escolher o como vamos vivenciar isto: nos limitando ou permitindo vivenciar uma das maiores experiências da vida sem máscaras.

Através do Amor podemos escolher ser felizes e participar da vida do outro consciente de que as transformações proporcionadas acontecem para ambos.

Então, neste ano, escolha ser feliz. Escolha ser o melhor de si mesmo. Escolha aprender a receber e dar de coração. Suas escolhas são as sementes do futuro, então que sejam boas sementes.

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