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Readings and Magic Works-English

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Readings and Guidance with Gilbertopb


Some of you know me as Gilbertopb at StudioArcanis and other forums.

These consultations are personal for development and knowledge of oneself.  
What I do is not that common fortune telling or divination you may found anywhere.  

I work to human kind evolution, not only just immediate troubles. That happens too for sure, but I will always be looking to the far horizon of your life as possible.  

I do three types of readings and my texts use to be really very long:

  1. The Extreme Tarot - One Card Reading. This is the extreme reading method I cite below about the readings. Here you can just say what the area you want to know or ask an important question.  Just seat in front of me and let me talk what is happening at your life and what to do. Anyway, I will look deeper at your life and soul for the reply. Note: This option is not suitable for asking about works on magic as I need to explore what's happening. For such case use one of the two following complete readings option. 
  2.  The Standard Tarot/Oracle reading. I comment only the oracle parts, so it's more objective but more focused on the practical aspects and is where I will be exploring more in details your concerns and also, sometimes suggest things you can do by yourself, like baths or areas to learn in life. Note: If you are after works on magic this is a proper reading.
  3. The  Tarot/Oracle reading commenting Numerology aspects. This is also a self-knowledge reading. So I will first comment your birthday numerology aspects, who you are and how that works as a map to your life. The second part is the readings, plus I will be pointing what aspects of your personal numbers are acting there and why. It's a long size work and unique to each case.  Note: If you are after works on magic this is also a proper reading.

What you will get in the Tarot part: 

I'm not limited to fixed pattern readings.

Each case is different.

My readings have only one fixed part: The wide view. This is the most important part of the reading and is when I look to you and then I will talk to the person who you are, your soul, using my own vision and experience in the spiritual area for decades.

If you ask only for the extreme reading, this is what you will get.

This is a one card only plus my personal vision that show what is happening at your life and what you need to know. This part can become really big sometimes. You will find more about in the article Extreme Tarot Readings and Some of The Art Behind It.

This is the card that rules all following readings I may do. To be clear, from this first card, I will follow as needed to explore the aspects shown.

There are many ways to do this, like using some traditional spreads going to free-form reading.
Some are to explore an event, development of a situation, aspects of relationship, unseen aspects, etc.

For a first reading and the annual readings people like to do, I also do a general life view for the next months in the main areas, love, spirituality, health, work/money. Because life events, usually this may cover up from six to twelve months.

After all this I reply to specific questions if presented and as usual, all that is related to the aspects pointed at the first wide view card.

What you will get with the Numerology part: 

This is a view from your birth date. Who you are and what is you are going to do in life and how.
As I explore it using also my inner vision this is a study about who you are and the resources you have for this life and the ways you may use your resources in life.
Here's a part I use to add more information for your life aspects and for each case as possible, I use my experience in many areas to present information and even some practices proper to some cases.
This part is a study for you entire life and add a lot about the way you feel the world and how you are affected by the events happening.
With a Tarot reading, I will also be commenting during the next parts of the reading, what numbers are related to that areas and why, so I can cite how to deal with that as possible.

I have a long experience of decades in meditation, magic and the occult and I can do readings and work on ritual magic to any place in the world.

My work is guidance first of all. So, I work using my life and professional experience and any oracle according my choice, especially Tarot, Runes, I-Ching and/or others as I found needed. 

My approach is Universalist and I believe a prosperous life is natural.


Sorry, currently I have no time to students. I already post a lot at the forums and blog, wish that helps.

Works in Magic

Possible activities in the ritual magic area will be under my sole discretion, after a former Standard or Numerology option reading (options 2 or 3 above) to evaluate your case. The Extreme Tarot readig is not suitable for this. This means in any case, it is first necessary that you pay for a full reading for evaluation and guidance. 
Sometimes no magic is needed, another reason I will evaluate it.
Only then I will assess what is needed and possible .

The areas I work are related to my practical experience in life.
In a general view Sorcery, Ceremonial magic, Grimoires area (Solomonic), Planetary and Angel magic, Books of Moses, Goetia, Witchcraft, etc.
Here maybe included some cleanups and openings I do, like the rituals of flames at the cauldron. 

All magic activities are evaluated one by one.

Warning! Do not ask me to harm children. Be sure I will put the cops over you and I will be over you too! 

Guarantees and Results for Magic?

No one can ensure "guaranteed results" because magic involves many situations, including even your personal changes, or maybe the result you get was the needed to teach you something. 

What I do is dedicate the best of my practical learning and the price I ask refer to my time and personal investment. If I accept to to do magic ritual work in your favor is because I found there are a possibility for that.  I will explain what I see and what can be done in my point of view, which the goals I hope to get and especially, what is your working part if necessary.

No refunds in anyways. 

Legal Disclaimer: Any magic work is "curious only". 

1) About the reading you received, there's no second one. I won't change it. Ok, someone may have a different point of view. But in no ways you are paying for a "nice" reply from me and I don't pay a fuck if some scammer told you Godzilla Spirit is attacking you. I will explain exactly what I see and most often I may show something others was unable to do.
2) If you dislike results for magic ritual works, spells, sorcery, ceremonial magic, BUT not for readings, etc, most of times when I receive a feedback I like to comment by my own. Yes, I like to talk with good people. So I give you a free guidance to state very clear what happened with the ritual works I had done for you, why and for what. I may even do something else by my own if and only I found to do so. This is real life and real magic. Sorry, there's a lot of ways for good or bad results.

Contact for Readings and Works

For the Extreme Tarot reading add only one question.
For the other readings you can add until three specific questions  about something you need detail.
The first I will do is to look what is happening at your life, a deep general view that covers usually almost you will ask for details too.

Is good to know what you are worried about, just note I will add a lot more of information so I will try to present the whole scenario as possible. 

Wish all previous information are the needed.

Ask for your readings and works, just click here.

Gilberto Strapazon
Sw. Prabuddha


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